Choosing a career made (almost) painless

gradireland Careers Report logoChoosing a career. Sounds serious doesn’t it? And not much fun. A bit of a necessary evil like visiting the dentist perhaps.

OK, it is serious (most people spend the best part of 45 years working) and in truth it’s not a great deal of fun (what did you expect?) but since we added the Careers Report to choosing a career is a whole lot nicer than root canal treatment.

Most students have a fair idea of what they don’t want to do for a living but most haven’t totally made up their minds about their ideal career by the time they get halfway through their degree course. That’s pretty normal as there are over 300 different graduate careers to choose from and, depending on your degree, there’s a fair proportion that you’d struggle to do. Not to mention the most important part of careers choice – does the job match your own unique mix of personal skills, aspirations and personality?

So where do you start in identifying suitable careers? That’s plural by the way because in a difficult market it’s good to have more than one option. Sitting in a darkened room thinking won’t work. Attending a hundred careers fairs will mess up your grades. Spending less than an hour on the Careers Report? Now we’re getting somewhere.

The Careers Report has been developed by university careers advisers, super-clever psychologists and gradireland to give you a list of career options based entirely on your answers to a series of questions. It will even give you a detailed report of your well-matched careers and a summary of your responses so you can talk through the results with someone who can help you plan your next steps – like your own college careers service.

It’s still a serious matter, choosing a career – but if you’re struggling to decide what to do after graduation it’s not a bad place to start.

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