Where Irish graduates most want to work

The public sector is officially where Irish graduates most want to work.
No, we didn’t believe it either but you can’t possibly argue with the largest student survey in Europe, can you?
Each year, the top German research institute trendence undertakes a student survey across 25 European countries asking questions about career choice, salary expectation, confidence in the future etc. It’s pretty detailed stuff and the results are published in the annual careers publication Ireland’s 100 leading graduate employers which also contains, not entirely surprisingly, a list of the 100 most popular graduate recruiters in Ireland.
But it’s the students’ views on sectors of work that are particularly interesting. They are asked to choose the sectors where they would most like to ply their trade and this year, nearly a quarter of the students surveyed wanted to work in the public sector. That’s despite bad news stories about job cuts and freezes on the recruitment of permanent staff.
In contrast, only 12 per cent saw their career starting in financial services – traditionally one of the most popular sectors for Irish graduates.
What does this mean? Is it a backlash against the banks or a heartfelt desire to put something back into the community? Or is it about perceived job security? And will it all change again once the economy recovers?

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