The mistake that annoys graduate recruiters the most

dictionary showing the word 'spellcheck'Within the gradireland team, we spend a lot of time meeting and talking to graduate employers. Because our job is to help make their recruitment easier, we get to hear some of the problems that they have when filling their graduate jobs. And over and over again, the biggest complaint is the quality of applications.

It seems very basic: if you don’t present your application in a professional way, your potential employer will not view you as a potential professional.

You don’t expect a business letter to have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but recruiters report that they often find these in job applications. We can vouch for this too: over the years we’ve seen applications for jobs with us that have basic grammatical mistakes, and in some cases even spell ‘gradireland’ incorrectly!

It could be because applicants are used to writing ‘text speak’, or perhaps it’s because they are writing their applications in a rush. Whatever the reason, there are easy ways to avoid this:
1. Use the spell check.
2. But don’t rely on the spell check.
3. Print out your application and proofread it. It’s easy to miss things when reading on screen.
4. Ask someone else to read through your application. This could be a friend who is good at English or a careers adviser at your university.
5. Take your time.

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