Why awards matter to graduate recruiters

bson, RTE, presents the gradireland Graduate Recruitment Awards 2011

Bryan Dobson, RTE, presents the gradireland Graduate Recruitment Awards 2011

What brings over 300 graduate recruiters, careers advisers and government ministers out on a Wednesday night in Dublin? A big Awards evening, that’s what. I know it’s really about taking part and that winning isn’t everything but nothing fires the blood quite like hearing your name read out and rushing up to the stage to collect the trophy. Especially when the PA is playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or ‘Simply the Best’.

Earlier in April, the Mansion House in Dublin saw the largest gathering of the graduate recruitment community in Ireland and the majority of the awards were decided by the votes of students and graduates. Yes, hearts were broken and wishes fulfilled by your votes.

And the organisations on the shortlists for each sector, not just the winners, take it all with deadly seriousness. Why? Because the ultimate test for a graduate recruiter is their popularity amongst students and graduates. It really matters to them. It’s how their measure the success of their campus campaigns and marketing.

The annual voting for next year’s Awards – the results of which also appear in the annual publication Ireland’s leading 100 graduate employers – starts in September and the voting process is organised by an international research firm trendence which does the same student poll in 24 other countries in Europe.

So if you want to put a smile on the faces of Ireland’s leading recruiters, you know what to do. Cast your votes when the survey opens in September. Full details will be on gradireland.com and with your campus careers service.

And if you wanted to see this year’s Award winners, go to gradireland.com/awards.

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