Focus on your Finals but keep an eye out for your future

It’s just not fair. You’ve got your final exams to look forward to (?) and a lengthy period of post-exam rest, recuperation and reckless indulgence to look forward to (!). And meanwhile, in a parallel universe, a group of employers competes for your attention because they have jobs starting in the autumn that they need to fill. There are two possible responses to this scenario: one is along the lines of ‘Leave me alone, I’m not in the mood to be thinking about my future’ and the other is ‘What do you mean? Are there still graduate jobs around this late in the year?’

I’m going to go all sensible at this point and say that, while it’s entirely understandable that you’ll need to unwind after the stress of Finals, it’s also not a bad idea to keep half an eye open for job opportunities. Furthermore, despite what you read in the press, there are still organisations around who either haven’t filled their jobs or have discovered vacancies that they didn’t expect to have. Not to mention universities with places on masters programmes to fill.

I know this for a fact because the gradireland Summer Fair takes place at the RDS in Dublin on 15 June and it’s not going to be held in an echoing empty hall with tumbleweed blowing around. There’ll be over 50 stands, comprising employers, postgraduate course providers and professional bodies and a ‘Jobs Wall’ with over 200 graduate jobs and internships displayed all day. In addition, there is a CV clinic run by careers advisers from the Association of Higher Education Careers Services and a number of free seminars given by industry professionals. More info at:

And if you can’t make the fair in Dublin, contact your college careers service for current jobs and course opportunities and look at for Ireland’s largest selection of graduate opportunities. Your head may soon feel like it belongs to someone else but reserve a little space in there somewhere for what lies ahead.

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