Mind mapping for job interviews

I often find when I want to learn about something new that a quick and easy way of doing it is to read a children’s book on the subject. So I was pleased to come across a book called Mind Maps for Kids. It’s a great introduction to a really useful technique for brainstorming and learning.

‘Mind mapping’ works on the theory that visual, non-linear ways of organising information and ideas can reach the places that writing a list can’t. You start with a piece of paper, write your main subject in the middle, and then start drawing branches out from this for related subjects. These branches also branch out as you put down more detailed information.

The idea is that the process of organising the information visually can help you to remember it. And because you fit all your notes onto one page it’s a handy way of reviewing the information quickly before you need it.

Mind Maps for Kids recommends this technique as a way of revising for exams, but it could also be useful when you’re preparing for a job interview. You might start with ‘job interview’ in the middle and then branch out into ‘Why this company?’, ‘Why this job?’ and ‘Why me?’. Other branches might be ‘questions to ask’, ‘my skills’ or ‘my experience’.

Everyone will tell you that advance preparation is important for a job interview. They’ll explain that you should research the employer and think about how you fit them and the job. That’s fine, but what if your nerves get in the way and you can’t remember any of it once you’re actually in the hot seat?

Creating a mind map could help you to mentally access that information. And, just by doing it, you might also come up with new, creative ideas about how to approach the interview.

Have you tried this technique? Please let us know how it went.

example of mind map for a job interview

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