Get LinkedIn and get hired

Guest blog from Paul Mullan of Measurability

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now key tools for graduate job search. In this post I’m examining LinkedIn. I will outline some key information about how to get started and how to generate better job search results.
Create an impactful LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn is pretty much like a personal website. Add all key marketing information – relevant work experience, qualifications and achievements. Make your profile stand out. This short video tells you how: “How to create an impactful LinkedIn profile”. NB: Treat your professional headline like a marketing slogan, inject personality to your summary statement to connect with readers and include achievements in your work experience.
Seek recommendations
Reading what others say about you is more powerful than reading what you say about yourself. Seek out previous employers or lecturers to recommend you on LinkedIn. Some graduates may struggle to source recommendations because of limited work experience. Create recommendation opportunities by seeking short intern assignments or voluntary work.
Connect with people you know
Brainstorm contacts and search for them on LinkedIn. This can include friends, college mates, previous employers or group/society members. Personalise your connection message, engage conversation and outline your current status. Don’t assume your contacts know what you studied or what type of work you are seeking.
Join groups
Locate relevant groups on LinkedIn. Many universities have LinkedIn groups and there are numerous industry related groups. Join and become active. Engage within these groups through information sharing and discussion. Groups provide an effective platform to enhance visibility.
Use LinkedIn applications
There are a wide range of applications to help enhance your LinkedIn profile. These applications enable you to upload additional information to your profile. You can upload a recent presentation, you thesis/coursework or even highlights recent books you read.
Communicate with your network
Use status updates and internal mail to stay in touch with your network. Once you get on the radar you must ensure you stay on it!
Q&A section
The Q&A facility on LinkedIn is underutilised. This section allows you to ask questions and access free advice. You can also answer questions and showcase your expertise.
Customise your LinkedIn profile URL
I’ve customised my LinkedIn URL to read You should do the same. Then use this URL to draw traffic to your profile. Place it on your CV, cover letter and email signature – see example below. Add it to your Facebook or Twitter account. Comment on professional blogs or forums and paste this link to help people find you.
Paul Mullan
LinkedIn Career Group:
Extract from a LinkedIn profile

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