Secure the job by asking for it at interview

young man wearing a suit and tie

You wore the suit - but did you ask the right questions?

Guest blog by Sinead English

You would think that it is obvious. You wore the suit, turned up 30 minutes early, prepared well, and answered all their questions in detail. So why then do so many interviewers of graduates feel that they are not that enthusiastic about getting the job?

Maybe you should try asking them for the job at the end of the interview. It will certainly leave them in no doubt that you are hungry and keen to do the job – traits that employers regularly comment they don’t see in graduates at interview.

How to ask for the job (without sounding desperate!)

  1. There is usually time allotted at the end of the interview for your questions. Rather than asking them a question they have heard 100 times before – “What are the opportunities for advancement?” [yawn], try this: “From my research on the company and from what I have heard today I am extremely interested in this position – I really believe I would be a good fit for your company – is there any other information you would like from me today?” Chances are they will not ask you anything else but you will have left them in no doubt that you want the job. Practise saying this out loud so that you feel comfortable with it on the day – it is not something that comes naturally to most people.
  2. Alternatively when winding up the interview the interview may ask: “Is there anything else you would like to add?” There is your chance – on a plate! Tell them that you have enjoyed meeting them and from everything you have learned about the company and the role you are extremely keen to join the company.

Everyone loves flattery. Be sincere, tell them you want the job – not many graduates do and it could just make all the difference.

Sinead English’s Career Development Blog

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