A year working abroad can improve your employability back home

Recently we’ve blogged about the pros and cons – from a recruiter’s perspective – for taking time out. Here Jos Weale, gradireland summer intern, gives a graduate’s viewpoint. Jos has recently returned from a year in Berlin spent working as an English language trainer.

A year working abroad after university could be an option for you if you’re not sure where to turn career-wise, and not just because it can give you a bit (or a lot!) of distance to focus. Time working overseas can boost your CV and prepare you for the ‘real world’ back home much more than you might think.

By working abroad you are constantly developing the usual key skills and gaining experience that prospective employers back home are looking for, including team work, interpersonal skills, time management and communication skills.

What’s the twist? You’re learning and developing these skills in a foreign language, environment and culture. That looks pretty impressive from an employer’s perspective.

What’s more, as you live, breathe and eat in a culture which is different to your own, you are developing more than just buzzwords for your CV. As a rule, intense character building comes with the territory of working abroad: dealing with language barriers every day, getting used to foreign bureaucracy, joining the local football team or meeting up with tandem partners… it all requires patience, perseverance and some guts!

The experience of working abroad is unique to each person – perfect for making a CV and interviewee stand out in the crowd. If you’re proactive during your time away, you can weave the skills you’ve learnt together with an alternative perspective and improved confidence; all of which could give you the edge when you’re going for that first graduate job on your return.

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