Recruiter seeks student or graduate for meaningful internship

Find your perfect job match

Find your perfect job match

Recruiters want to feel special. They don’t want to think that they are just the latest in a line of organisations that you have shortlisted as a potential foot onto the career ladder. So, if you are busy hunting potential summer internships/jobs to apply for, remember that it’s absolutely vital that you tailor your cover letter and CV to fit each individual application. Do this, and the interviews will follow.

Here are our top tips for keeping recruiters happy, and for improving your chances of finding your perfect job match.

Always research the company (and the role) you are applying to – demonstrate in both your cover letter and CV that you have spent time getting to know the organisation and that you have the specific requirements they are seeking in their ideal candidate. We know this takes time and effort, but it really can make the difference between an interview and a rejection letter.

Don’t write to ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ (or, far worse, to ‘Dear Human Resources’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’) if the name of the recruiter is given in the job ad – always address the recruiter by name where possible.

Don’t include vague aspirations on your CV such as: ‘After I graduate I would perhaps like to go into journalism or PR’; if you are applying for a journalism position, tailor your cover letter accordingly, otherwise you will look unfocused and aimless.

Avoid using clichéd expressions like: ‘I would relish the opportunity to…’; ‘this opportunity excites me’; ‘I would excel at any role I am given’… these stock phrases don’t really mean anything, and recruiters will have heard them all before. Give specific examples of what you would excel in, or what fires your interest, in the context of the role you are applying for.

Do use genuine, active verbs to emphasise your desire for the job or placement. If you would love to work for the organisation you are applying to, then say so. Make them feel wanted. Explain why, and exactly how you match the criteria set out in the job description.

Do be clear and concise; always limit the length of your CV to strictly two pages of A4. Recruiters haven’t got the time or inclination to wade through reams of waffle.

Do get someone to proofread both your covering letter and CV before you send it.

One Comment on “Recruiter seeks student or graduate for meaningful internship”

  1. Paul Doran says:

    Great article. I can vouch for the points made having interviewed many people for my company. Some recruiters spend as little as six seconds speed-reading a c.v. so keeping it brief can be the difference between landing in the maybe pile or the bin!

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