From the horse’s mouth: how to impress Ireland’s graduate employers

Last week in The Gresham Hotel, Dublin, gradireland and cut-e ran a Masterclass in Graduate Recruitment for Ireland’s graduate recruiters. 85 companies were represented, eager to learn how best to target, attract and develop graduate talent within their business.

However, it wasn’t all just free breakfast rolls, networking and nice coffee – given that we had employers in the room who between them recruit well over 50 per cent of Ireland’s graduate scheme intake, we wanted to find out from them what it was that you should be doing to impress them, and feed that back to you via this blog.

This congregation of graduate recruiters may well have contained in their midst someone who could have a profound impact on your life – a decision-maker who can bin (or progress) your application for a graduate job. So we asked them what competencies they most looked for in graduate recruits, and the top 10 are listed below:

Graduate employers' graph

It’s important to note that this is a top 10 – meaning that integrity/ethics is in the top 10 of ‘most important’ characteristics – not the least important of all!

When putting together your CV or online application, or preparing for an interview or assessment centre, it is really important that you consider examples from your life/study that you can use to demonstrate these important competencies.

The more of them that you can show you have, the better your prospects of making a positive impression on this important group.

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