Can blogging help you get a job?


Apart from filling out job applications, one way a recent graduate can occupy their time is by starting a blog. These don’t cost anything to set up and can be enormously fun to write. But will they help you get a job? The answer is that it depends.

It is unlikely that you will get an interview or a job solely on the strength of your blog. But, like other extra-curricular activities, it is the kind of thing that may tip the balance in your favour in a close race. A recruiter may not necessarily find your blog by doing a web search for your name but if you are confident in what you write, it might be a good idea to direct them to it.

A blog about the industry you intend to work in will, of course, be more worthwhile to the job hunter than a personal blog. It shows that you are passionate about the sector and that you keep up to date with industry trends.

‘Dead’ blogs look very poor, so you should make sure that you frequently update yours. Even if it fails to get much traffic, it will still highlight skills you possess such as work rate and commitment. You should also be careful with your spelling and grammar and keep your language professional.

Attempt to publicise your blog through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. By managing to find an audience, you will demonstrate that you are able to effectively market yourself. This skill, together with others like commercial awareness, is sought after in far more occupations than marketing these days.

In conclusion, while blogging might not get you a job on its own, there is no harm in starting one. And in a close race, it just might tip the balance in your favour.

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One Comment on “Can blogging help you get a job?”

  1. Beverly says:

    You could earn brownie points too by arranging your own hosting company and site too – you don’t have to get a free blog when a paid one isn’t so expensive.

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