If you want to do your postgraduate course abroad, here’s why you should stay in the EU

EU flagIn 2012, the maintenance grant for postgraduate students in Ireland was scrapped, which some argue puts fourth level study out of reach of a large proportion of the population. With fees also rising, more and more Irish students may consider the option of pursuing their postgraduate education abroad as a way to actually save money. Others might just want to experience another country and culture.

If you are one of those people, it would be worth your while staying within the European Union. Under EU law, Irish people must be considered a local student in any of the 27 member states. This means that in Estonia, for example, you would have the same responsibilities to pay the same fees, and the same rights to receive the same loans/bursaries, as would a native born Estonian.

And tuition fees are relatively low across the continent. In France, for instance, postgraduate fees cost between €200 and €400 a year. In some countries, there are no fees for postgraduate courses.

One advantage of studying in the EU is that that there is over €16 billion worth of funding awarded there each year. Many of these can be found in the EU Scholarship Portal.

If you lack a foreign language, it may not be as big a drawback as you imagine. More and more, English is being seen as the ‘international language’ and most top universities in the European Union provide courses in English. For instance, one of Italy’s leading institutions, the Politecnico di Milano, now only provides courses through English.

In some countries, courses taught in English are generally more expensive than equivalent courses in the native language. Universities in the Czech Republic, for instance, don’t charge fees for courses in Czech, but generally charge around €1,000 a year for a course taught through English. This still isn’t bad, though, when compared to postgraduate fees in Ireland.

So if you are thinking of enrolling in further education and you’ve always wanted to experience living in another European country, why not kill two birds with one stone? There’s never been a better time.

For more information on studying abroad see postgradireland.com.

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