Do you love the Irish language? Download gradireland’s new online guide

Your Career With Irish

If you can answer YES to the above question, you will definitely want to check out the revised  online edition of Do Ghairm le Gaeilge, now available on in both English and Irish versions. Catherine Lyster of Letterkenny Institute of Technology explains how the guide can help you discover the vast array of opportunities to use Irish in your career.

Perhaps you are a recent graduate or about to graduate in the Irish language or you may have a great passion for using the Irish language in your chosen career area but do not have Irish in your degree.  Fear not! Do Ghairm le Gaeilge  provides  a comprehensive overview of the range of career options where competence in written and spoken Irish is a decided  advantage. You will discover, for example, that opportunities to use Irish in your career are not confined  to Gaeltacht areas and that the burgeoning development of new technologies have spawned  career opportunities to use Irish that would have been unheard of 5 years ago, such as apps developer and opportunities in online media.

Do Ghairm le Gaeilge is thoroughly researched and presented in an attractive, user friendly manner. Section One gives an outline of interesting facts regarding usage of Irish . Did you know, for example, that  job opportunities exist for bilingual researchers, producers, journalists, IT and other technical experts in the areas of broadcast media? Or that barristers with Irish make up a significant proportion of the Bar Council with more than 155 registered as having fluent or a working knowledge of Irish? This section also contains valuable hints and tips on how to incorporate use of Irish into your daily working life.

The subsequent chapters outline opportunities in sectors  where competence in Irish is a distinct advantage such as Media, Translating and Interpreting, Private Sector opportunities, Culture , Arts and Language, and, of course, the Public Sector. Each chapter is concise and thoroughly researched.  In the case of media, for example, the reader will gain a comprehensive overview of careers where Irish is welcome such as print, broadcast and social media. Each chapter is peppered with case studies, job and internship  hunting tips, sample CV’s, facts and an extensive list of web resources. There is a special chapter on postgraduate studies which will be of interest to anyone seeking information on postgraduate courses in any of the above career areas

With Do Ghairm le Gaeilge, you will be well informed on the range of exciting career opportunities  in which you can use Irish and will be provided with  lists of valuable contacts and resources. Do Ghairm le Gaeilge is the essential companion for anyone looking for a career using Irish or to pursue postgraduate studies in the Irish Language sector.

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