Is your future career in your inbox?


One of the cornerstones of gradireland’s offering to students and recent graduates is our email service, whereby students can register their details with gradireland in order to be sent relevant jobs, internships and careers information direct to their email address. This is a sophisticated operation – the targeting is vital so as not to ‘spam’ or inundate gradireland users with inappropriate or irrelevant emails, yet a large part of gradireland’s raison d’etre is to make our users aware of the career opportunities that exist for them in their chosen or associated fields, and this in itself necessitates the sending of a large volume of emails.

As a responsible publisher, we track the performance of these emails carefully, and our analysis of the last year (2013) has thrown up a couple of interesting facts.

Of those who unsubscribed from gradireland’s email service in 2013, over 39% did so because they “have a new job and no longer require the service”. This is our most desirable outcome, so for this to be the most significant unsubscribe factor is especially heartening, and suggests that a large proportion of our users are being sent graduate roles that they are interested in and qualified to do – and that they are being successful in applying for these positions. Further analysis of unsubscribing users reflects the increase in emigration amongst Ireland’s youth that has been precipitated by the economic crisis of recent years. 13.4% of users who unsubscribed did so because they “have left Ireland and no longer require the service”. A further 10% unsubscribed as they are “studying a postgrad and no longer require the service” as they are not actively job-seeking.

In addition to tracking users who unsubscribe from our email service, we also rigorously analyse ‘open rates’ and ‘click through’ rates of our emails, to check engagement levels with our users remain high. This is another key indicator in ensuring that we are sending useful and pertinent information, which gradireland users can then use to make important, informed career decisions. Our 2013 analysis was positive in this light, with open and click through rates continuing to rise despite increased volumes of emails being sent as we grow our user database (which now stands at over 130,000 students and recent graduates). Open rates of targeted emails are usually 25%+, with click-through rates (often applications) of 3-5%. Both of these indicators are above industry-standard for these types of mailings.

Finally, and importantly, feedback from graduate employers indicates that at least 60% of applications they receive for their graduate positions come directly through gradireland. So the message is simple – if you are a student and you want to know what graduate careers are out there for you, what internship opportunities might exist, what careers fairs and other specialist events are taking place, then the emails work. So make sure you are registered with gradireland and we will do our best to keep sending you relevant and interesting careers information and graduate opportunities.

We would love to add YOU to our list of graduates unsubscribing from our service because you “have a new job and no longer require the service”.

If you’ve not already done so, register for gradireland’s email service online at

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