Are you ready for FUSION? How to make your application work.


IntertradeIreland’s Foot In The Door initiative offers a host of dynamic graduate programmes through its FUSION (Science, Engineering and Technology) initiative, with roles available throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland. FUSION roles incorporate a paid placement, of 12 to 18 month duration, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Management, from a selected college. In the FUSION programme, graduates are placed within SME companies to create and develop technologically innovative, commercially targeted products and services and to gain project management experience. Graduates who earn a place on the FUSION programme are supported by both the company and an academic mentor, from a university of college who have specialist expertise in that area.

So how do I get on the FUSION Programme?

The application for FUSION is a two-step process, consisting of an online application form and, if that phase is successful, an interview with the company for whom you wish to work. As is the case with any application process, your application must meet certain basic criteria to be considered for the programme. So take your time, assess what the requirements are and give clear, honest and unambiguous answers in relation to the essential and desirable criteria which are listed for each job description. If you do this properly and make your application straightforward for the person considering it, you put yourself in with a chance right away. As always, don’t forget the basics; grammar, punctuation, spelling and clarity!

Now for the interview…

Since the FUSION programme is all about collaboration; your communication skills, your ‘emotional intelligence’, your project management savvy and your teamwork strengths all come to the fore during the interview process. So make sure you prepare how you can demonstrate these traits before you sit in front of an interview panel. It will also be vital that you clearly show that you understand what the FUSION programme is all about and what its objectives and purposes are, and of course, how much you want to be a part of it. Ensure you have done adequate research on the company too, what they do, what their market position is, what their ambitions are and, if possible, what sort of culture is in place.

It’s also very important to remember that the FUSION programme is not just about a job, postgraduate study is built into each of the FUSION placements. The programme is constructed in this way because all participant companies in FUSION believe in the importance and value of further study within the context of the placement. So ensure you display your motivation to continue to learn and undertake the Diploma in Business & Management, it’s a key part of the interview process.

Learn more about the FUSION programme here and on and find out more about how to create an application that works here.

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