Tips and tricks: How guys can impress with style at interviews & in the workplace

In her second article, Laura Jordan of advises male graduates on the best interview and workplace dress tips.

Guys have a far more rigid rulebook when it comes to interview wear, particularly in the corporate world, as dress code almost always dictates a suit and tie.

But which suit you may ask? Navy is my top tip. Statistically this colour sells out first during sales, as it matches the greatest variety of complexions and is one of the most flattering colours to wear at any time of the day. A navy suit requires tan or brown shoes; feel free to show some personality with the socks, I suppose this is the male equivalent of accessorising! For other suit colours, (brown, taupe, biscuit, beige) and fabrics (wool, tweed etc) co-ordinate with tan or brown. Charcoal or variations of grey can be worn with black shoes.

Navy suit M&S
Navy business suit from M&S
suit M&s
Suit from M&S


When choosing a shirt avoid white, unless you have a suntan or a naturally sallow complexion. Pale blue or pale pink are the most flattering, with a contrasting tie. The ultimate ‘power combination’ is a pale blue shirt (indicating calm) paired with a red or coral tie (showing confidence and competency).

pink shirt

blue shirt
Light pink and pale blue shirts both by M&S

Men’s workwear hits a higher price point than female, simply because the cost per wear is more efficient and less variety is required. However, the initial outlay is considerably more. The images and advice here are just suggested purchases, perhaps copy these looks in Dunnes Stores or Penneys until you have the disposable income required for more expensive purchases. Cedarwood State is a super workwear range available at Penneys and Primark UK.

Shopping online often offers more variety of size and style. With most retailers offering free returns, it’s a hassle free way to shop, check out stores like

When you have your wardrobe sorted, visit gradireland for practical interview tips and advice.

Laura Jordan is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Design. She works as a fashion stylist and image consultant, specialising in corporate style and workwear wardrobes through her popular ‘StyleWorks’ seminars.

For more information or to make an appointment for an individual consultation or a group workshop, visit or mail


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