Ireland’s National Further Study Fair Showcases the Value Of Postgrad Qualifications

Forget trawling through individual institution websites or prospectus, this event allows students and graduates to find out first-hand what their chosen area of further study will be like! Whatever you need to know, you can find the answer at the gradireland postgrad fair.

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And it’s not just institutions and course providers who are there to help. We have a range of seminars taking place during the event, providing students and graduates with the  information they need when exploring the various aspects of further study. “These seminars cover a variety of topics; including further study funding options, postgraduate study opportunities in continental Europe, teacher training in the UK and the benefits of distance learning, to name just a few,” says gradireland Director Mark Mitchell

The biggest questions for anyone considering further study are, how much will it cost and how will I fund it? This year, gradireland are proud to be partnered with the Irish Research Council for our Further Study Event. The Irish Research Council will be hosting our first ever Research Zone, where members of their team will be on hand to speak to students and graduates about research options available, the criteria needed to become awarded for a postgraduate research, as well as information about the postgraduate scholarships funded by the Council. In 2015 alone, the Irish Research Council funded 293 new postgraduate scholarship awards.

With the continued growth in the Irish economy, the graduate employment market continues to improve, raising questions for many as to the value of further study. Although this growth in graduate employment is to be very much welcomed, many employers emphasise that further study can play a huge part in defining graduate skills. Richard Irwin, Head of Student Recruitment with PWC says that, ‘where a student has pursued a masters studies and has used it to demonstrate their passion and build relationships, it can ultimately improve their chances of securing the job they want’.

In addition to this, the employment market remains highly competitive, with a large number of students competing for the highly coveted roles in organisations, particularly in more popular job sectors such as law, banking and science. ‘Employers are competing to get the best graduate talent, and according to  gradireland research, a graduate with a postgrad qualification is up to 40% more likely to find graduate employment in their desired sector,’ adds Mark Mitchell.

So, whether it’s finding out what’s involved in postgraduate study, discovering how your studies can be funded, or selecting where’s the best place for you to fulfil your further study ambitions, you will find the answer at the gradireland Further Study Fair. We look forward to seeing you there.

The gradireland Further Study Fair is taking place on Wednesday 10th February from 12pm in Industries Hall, RDS Dublin.  This event is free for students and graduates who can register to attend at



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