Employers seeking language skills at major jobs fair

Wednesday 17th February sees the return of the GRADchances Language Fair to the RDS Dublin, from 12 – 4pm. This event brings together some of Ireland’s largest and most influential employers who are currently recruiting students and graduates with languages. Lack of skills amongst graduate recruits is one of the biggest challenges facing recruiters today.


Each of the attending companies are actively recruiting students with languages including; German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Polish, and many more. With hundreds of skilled jobs up for grabs, this is an event not to be missed!

According to the gradireland Salary and Graduate Recruitment Trends Survey 2015, fluency in a foreign language is the number one shortfall in hard skills among new recruits.  With increasing demand for students and graduates with languages, as well as an increase in overall graduate employment,  having a second language will put students ahead of the competition when it comes to job hunting.


When speaking about the importance of languages in business, Sinéad D’Arcy, Head of Recruitment for the Jameson International Graduate Programme says; ’From an employer’s perspective, to build and deliver sustainable growth in the world of international business, multilingual graduates are a key asset to capitalise on opportunities for growth in overseas markets. Communicating in the local language can help break the ice, can lead to better working relationships and ultimately more business. Employers are increasingly conscious of this and as Irish businesses and multinationals located in Ireland do business with an ever increasing number of countries around the world there is a growing range of careers open to language graduates’.

This event is a prime opportunity for students and graduates with this highly sought after skill set to take the first step to getting their dream job. When speaking about the importance of events like GRADchances Language Fair, Director of gradireland, Mark Mitchell said, ‘Research shows that graduates with languages have very strong rates of employment. For example, 81 per cent of business graduates with a language from Trinity College Dublin have a job, and these strong trends are mirrored in other universities around the country.’

Attendance to the GRADchances Language Fair is completely free to students who can register for tickets at languagefair.ie

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