The importance of Diversity in graduate recruitment

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic with a balance of ethnicity, age profile and gender often the outward expression.  It is well understood that the mix of different backgrounds and experiences can add tremendously to a company’s success.


In a way though, this is limiting; employers are now becoming increasingly open to pursuing more intellectual and cognitive diversity as well as just a demographic blend. Due to a focus on developing strong brand identities, employers have put an over-emphasis on cultural fit to determine the candidate who will ultimately land a job. This can sometimes inadvertently lead to a shortage of intellectual diversity and homogeneity of personality. Leading graduate employers are now implementing strategies to ensure a more intellectually diverse workforce. They are not just looking for different backgrounds but differing viewpoints. It is sometimes in passionate disagreement that the most creative ideas are born.

For Millennials, their concern about a more diverse and inclusive society unequivocally extends to the workplace. Companies must embrace all types of workplace diversity in order to attract the attention of the valuable Millennial talent pool. So what are the major benefits of including workplace diversity as part of your company’s recruitment process?

Through our team’s extensive work with leading graduate recruiters, it is evident that companies who employ a more intellectually and demographically diverse workforce are more innovative and dynamic than those that don’t. Employees from varied backgrounds are more likely to offer diverse solutions to intractable problems. For this reason alone, forward-thinking companies should work to achieve diversity in the workplace as it has proven to allow for a creative work environment, filled with dynamic ideas and solutions that can drive innovation in a much more effective way.

Companies must also communicate effectively with prospective employees that they are diverse, and that they value diversity as much as the Millennials they hope to attract. The best way companies can do this is by constructing and implementing a robust and intelligent employer branding strategy. Such a strategy provides the best chance that the talent they hope to attract will get the message, join their companies and contribute their expertise to a creative and successful organisation.

When designing a brand strategy to attract Millennials, employers must think about all types of diversity, both demographic and intellectual. By doing this, they will ensure a more overall diverse workplace, encompassing a range of different viewpoints.

On the 27th of April, gradireland will host its annual Graduate Recruitment Awards at Dublin’s Mansion House and the following companies are nominated for the gradireland Diversity Recruitment Award sponsored by AHEAD:

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