The Importance of Employer Branding in Graduate Recruitment

All companies should be aware of their brand identity and what it says about their organisation.

The demand for top talent in the Irish market is as aggressive as ever and more and more we are seeing this demand being highly specific to the employers’ needs. In most cases, employers assume that there is a vast pool of talent in the market waiting to be plucked from, but unfortunately this is not the reality.

With resurgent confidence in the market, there is a lot of choice. Choice for the candidate to be a lot more considerate in their career choices, such as the route they want to direct their career and the type of organisation they want to join. If an organisation has a strong, positive reputation for being a great place to work, they are miles ahead of those that are looked upon less favourably in the market and if those messages are positive, a company will always have top talent available, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

In order to put your company ahead of the competition in terms of creating a strong positive organisation brand, it is essential that the company develop a brand strategy. Through our work with graduate employers in Ireland, gradireland have discovered that many companies do not have a working employer brand strategy in place. This means that while some of your competitors are developing and implementing a branding plan to help them become more attractive to the highly coveted graduate market, it also means many companies aren’t which presents you with an opportunity to get ahead of the pack.  So the key question here is how does an organisation devise a brand strategy to attract top talent?

Brand Awareness

Increasing an organisation’s overall brand awareness is key when it comes to employer branding. Brand awareness can be developed through a number of key actions.

  1. Online presence

In 2016, it is essential for employers to have a strong online presence to remain relevant to the graduate talent market. Millennials are plugged in and see embracing new technology as an integral aspect of a business moving forward. This online presence includes the use of digital tools, such as a dedicated graduate attraction website that defines your company brand, an active presence on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, email marketing and visibility on credible websites such as that students and graduates are constantly using to research the options available to them.

  1. Word of Mouth

Positive ‘Word of mouth’ is crucial in today’s increasingly social world. Online social forums such asInside Buzz make today’s workplace like an echo chamber. Potential candidates have the ability to find out about an organisation’s company culture before even stepping foot inside the building. Trying to control this message is one great way to expand your company’s brand and bring in the talented professionals you need to thrive.

  1. Use experts in employer marketing

Linking up with industry leaders in the employer branding market, giving them a clear and transparent view of your organisation, the talent you are seeking and current company culture will allow you to have a representative with an already existing online presence, out there speaking on your behalf and enhancing your reputation.

gradireland work with hundreds of leading graduate employers throughout Ireland, developing  employer brand strategies which use both online and offline marketing tools. Our team of marketing professionals consult with each individual employer to determine an employer branding strategy to suit each organisation. For more information about gradireland products and services contact our team on or 01-6451500.

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