Top tips for your summer internship!

Summer is just around the corner which means that many graduates are preparing to start summer internships. With this in mind, the gradireland team have asked some interns currently working with Deloitte for some advice for students about what they can expect, and how they can make the most of the experience.


  1. An open mind is essential

Be ready to meet new people from all walks of life. You may have the impression that new graduates will all come from business backgrounds and this was one of the biggest misconceptions for me. The interns I’ve met, from Audit and Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance, all come from various undergraduate degrees. I’ve met people in Audit studying Science or Engineering. There are people in Consulting studying Psychology and Music and I’m sure that this applies to many workplaces. Deloitte is excellent at building on diversity throughout the firm so I would say that it is definitely important to walk through the doors with an open mind.

  1. Be Polite & Professional

First impressions can make a lasting impression. Make sure to have perfected that firm hand shake and dress professionally. Deloitte’s dresscode is business attire, similar to many corporate offices. It is important to put yourself out there on your first day, introduce yourself to the people you meet and take time to talk to other interns and members of staff. Sometimes this may be difficult if you are a particularly shy or nervous person, but you can almost guarantee that other people in the room are feeling the exact same way that you are, so make an effort and you will reap the benefits.

  1. Talk to everyone you can during induction

The first few people you talk to during induction normally bring you some comfort in what can be a very different and new environment to most people. The coffee breaks during induction can be really helpful in getting to know people and hopefully make some good friends and contacts for the next six weeks, remember, effective networking is a vital part of completing a successful internship.

  1. Deloitte, like all companies, love abbreviations

The technical part of your induction will be “abbreviation heavy.” Don’t worry because no one really knows what any of them mean until you “hit the floor.” Audit is especially intense with abbreviations, you will hear ROMMs, ABCOTDs, TBs, FS, EMS, and CTB being mentioned a lot. Frightening at first, but you’ll learn the ropes soon enough!

  1. Meet your mentor and your buddy

Many summer internship programme have a mentor and buddy system in place. As soon as they email you they will probably suggest having a meeting. It’s important that you arrange one as these people are your go-to people if you have an issue with anything. Especially admin issues, like taking time off or other everyday issues. It’s important to note that your mentor is also your appraiser. Appraisers give you feedback on the work you have done as well as listen to how you have got on while doing the work.

  1. The induction booklet is really handy

During induction in Deloitte you get a little A5 induction booklet, which I imagine is provided by most companies. This is an absolute goldmine of information. Look after it and read it,  it’ll help you find your feet.

  1. Don’t get stung with emergency tax

You need to give your P45 in to one of the people facilitating induction or if not them, to someone in HR. Your P45 must be current, i.e. from 2015. I submitted one from 2011 not realising this was the case and got charged emergency tax. If you don’t have a P45, you must follow the instructions on page 20 of the intern book. (Like I said, this book is really handy)

  1. Join Yammer, join the Facebook group, join LinkedIn, join everything…

You are going to be told to join Yammer, and you really should. Everything that’s going on in the firm will be here. Also post questions in your group if there is something you’re not sure about. The other two are really useful to join too, but mainly Yammer.

  1. If you have a question…

You can ask your mentor or buddy, but other trainees can also help you out if you have other little questions. More than likely they have had the same questions and will help you out if you are stuck.

  1. Enjoy it

My time at Deloitte have been great fun, and I have gotten to know a lot of new people as well as working with a great team. I’m sure you will enjoy your experience also, wherever you’re doing your internship. Don’t forget to be social too; there are a lot of sports clubs and groups in companies like Deloitte, you will get all the details at induction, so be outgoing, friendly and enjoy the experience.

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Authors: James Lynch & Jennifer Whitehead, Deloitte


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