Returning to the market for skilled candidates? (Infographic)

During the recession, the recruitment market was primarily employer-led with a significant deficit in jobs and career opportunities. But over the past year, the market has turned on its head as the demand for skilled graduates grows, putting the candidate back in pole position.

When speaking about the recent changes in the graduate recruitment market, Director of gradireland Mark Mitchell said ‘The jobs market is coming back, but not as it existed pre-recession. There are more diverse career paths than ever before, new skills are required and graduates are being given a much more diverse variety of opportunities’.


Employer’s skills requirements have become much more specific in recent years. But worryingly, it was found in this year’s Graduate Salary Survey that 52.3% of employers anticipate challenges finding applicants with the right skills set.

On the flip side of this, the return of the candidate-led market has given graduates more choice when it comes to their career decisions. During the recession, graduates were much more inclined to commit themselves to a single job opportunity, due to the increasingly competitive jobs market. They were far less inclined to take risks when it came to job offers, meaning that employers could rely on hire-retention rates. In contrast to this, candidates are now in a position to accept multiple job offers and choose the opportunity they consider the most advantageous for their career.

This change in the market creates challenges for employers, as a steady increase in the amount of candidates dropping out of graduate programmes for other opportunities has been noted by our team. Employers are being forced to go back to market to recruit candidates in areas that they are experiencing a shortfall.

gradireland are providing a forum for these employers to recruit candidates at this year’s Summer Fair being held in the RDS Simmonscourt on Wednesday 8th June from 11am – 5pm. With over 4,000 students and graduates expected to attend, this is the perfect opportunity for you to recruit skilled candidates in sectors where your company may be experiencing a shortfall.

For more details about the Summer Fair contact a member of our team on 01-6451500 or email


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