US Grad Visa success stories and how you can write your own

Into its seventh year, USIT’s USA Grad Visa continues to be an exciting and often life changing opportunity for graduates in Ireland. Most recent graduates face uncertain times once they have finished their degrees, with a jobs market that’s increasingly competitive, coupled with rising accommodation costs and, of course, the attraction of travelling, living and working abroad.

Plenty of grads, as a result, look at their options post college as being career focused or travel focused but seldom both. That’s where a Grad Visa to the US comes in, with US companies more than receptive to pooling employees from Irish and therefore international backgrounds. Heading towards the US presents Irish grads with an incredible opportunity to both travel and add some heavyweight experience to your CV!

USIT have placed thousands of Irish graduates in the likes of New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco over the seven years and with less than 300 positions available for the rest of 2016, all indications are that this will sell out yet again.

USIT have had success stories from all areas of third level study, just like these students who have all flourished in the US in recent months:


Andrew Morrissey left Ireland for New York in May 2015, armed with a Politics & Geography degree from UCD. Having had some exposure to the American way of life and working culture with members of his family working within the US market, Andrew saw a Grad Visa as a ‘rite of passage’ following his studies. After a couple of false starts, Andrew landed an internship with BerlinRosen, a political PR firm in Manhattan and has described the experience as ‘the greatest working experience I’ve ever had’. You can read more about Andrew’s story here.


Alan McGeever, graduated from GMIT in 2014 with a degree in Hospitality Management and with the US, world leading in his industry he decided the US Grad Visa was a no-brainer. After initially locating in San Francisco, an early trip to San Diego had Alan, head over heels for the city so he packed up and headed to SD to look for a suitable role. Taking full advantage of the huge Irish presence in San Diego, Alan landed a role with an Irish-owned research and sales company and ended up travelling throughout the US working with the American Military, researching soldier’s experiences and backgrounds. 8 months in, Alan has seen plenty of the US, including taking in a Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas. Read more here.


Rachel Lynch graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in History in 2015. Having spent time in Boston in 2010 on a study abroad programme she knew her stay in the US was not finished. Leveraging her degree, Rachel landed a role at History San Jose, allowing her to continue her passion for the past. Her biggest tips in going on a Grad Visa to the States is to do your research before you go and understand the cost of getting yourself set up. Once that’s taken care Rachel got to experience all this…

Will you be the next graduate to relocate to the land of opportunity after college? USIT’s One-Year US Grad Visa Program is still accepting applications until the end of 2016 and there are now less than 300 places remaining with no guarantees as to the future of the Program.

Interested in finding out more? Drop USIT’s Program Manager a line and find out the right option for you! Alternatively you can ring USIT directly on (01) 602 1747.


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