Amplify your employer brand with social media

Employer branding has become a core element for organisations to attract the most talented graduates to your workplace. Your potential graduate candidates, Millennials and Gen Z, are digital natives spending up to 5.4 hours a day browsing different social media channels. This means that social media is one of the most effective tool to catch the attention of graduates.

Social media gives you the flexibility to allow prospective candidates to take a look inside your organisation, get an insight into its culture and values, to determine if it is the right organisation for them. In order to successfully implement social media to your employer branding campaign, it’s important to develop a social media strategy to complement your already existing employer branding campaign. We have put together some tips to consider;

Know your audience

Determining your target audience is very important when it comes to social media. In order to produce relevant content, you must be able to identify your audience’s demographics, interests and needs.  A lot of this information can be found by examining your existing social media audience on Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics as well as researching the Millennial or Gen Z audience. This information can be used to enhance your social media presence by producing relevant content that will attract your desired target market. Hubspot have introduced a really effective tool for identifying your companies specific target audiences, buyer personas. A free Hubspot guide to buyer personas is available here.


Develop a different strategy for each platform

Social media platforms differ significantly in relation to audience and tone of voice. For example; the tone of voice and overall purpose of LinkedIn is much more professional and formal than that of Facebook. By knowing your audience and combining this with your overall employer branding objectives, you can develop effective strategies on each platform to reach your target market. A good example of a company that uses social media to attract talent is Version 1. In 2014 Version 1 introduced a Breaking Bad themed social media campaign to attract graduate talent. The campaign was based around a play on the television series titled ‘Breaking Grads’, with accompanying themed artwork. The campaign became a huge talking point among the target audience with its nod to popular culture at the time, while also giving students a taste of the Version 1 company culture.

Measure and adjust


Congratulations, you have launched you social media strategy! But now, you have to measure its effectiveness. To do this, you must outline the business objectives you would like to achieve through social media. These objectives could include an increase in candidate leads, more applicants or brand awareness to name just a few. Once these are identified, revert to your analytical tools to see if the social media strategy has met your desired objectives, if it has, great, if not don’t panic, just adjust and try again!

Social media is an amazing tool for employer brand amplification. This, combined with a comprehensive employer branding campaign, could put your organisation ahead of the competition for attracting graduate talent.

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