Debunking the geek myth – Women in IT

There is a long-standing belief that the IT industry is geeky, male dominated and hard to break into but these views are out-dated and do not reflect the exciting opportunities available in the sector.


A recent study by the FDM Business Sustainability and Innovation team investigated what can be done to encourage more women into IT. As can be seen in the word clouds below many women from non-STEM backgrounds misunderstand the opportunities available in IT and perceive themselves as not technical enough to work in this sector. Soon after joining a tech company, these perceptions changed as the creativity and innovation central to the sector were brought to light. This shift highlights the need to expose students to the IT industry; not only to break down these stereotypes but also to increase the flow of women into careers in the IT sector



IT offers a wealth of exciting careers across all sectors, and the global economy is becoming ever more digital. Taking the plunge into the world of IT could be your ticket to an exciting and successful career.

At FDM you do not have to have studied IT to work in IT – it’s all about the passion! We provide industry relevant training most suited to your skills across both business and technical specialities, followed by commercial experience when placed onsite with one of our 180+ prestigious clients. We work with multiple organisations across a wide variety of industries, including third level, leisure, banking and finance.

To find out how you can join one of FDM’s award winning programmes, visit our website today!

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