My graduate career with Lidl

Lidl’s approach to the training and development of graduates is training from the ground up and it is this approach which has led to my successful career in Lidl. At the beginning my programme I received a detailed training plan which outlined what the next 18 months were going to look like for me. Graduates start as store assistants and progress through every level in store up to Store Manager and Area Manager so you fully understand the company’s business model before you begin your Head Office role. To support each stage of my learning, I had detailed checklists which outlined what skills I need to learn at each level and this clarity ensured that I met the expectations of a graduate.

Ciara Lidl
Ciara Danaher

As a graduate, you are never sitting still for too long and over the 18 months you work in up to 12 different positions throughout the business. This role diversity allowed me to see where my strengths lay and also put opportunities for roles in front of me that I hadn’t previously considered. For me, I found my strengths in Learning and Development (L&D) and on the back of the work I completed in this area I was offered a position as Junior Project Manager in the L&D team. Within two weeks of being in the role I was given the opportunity to launch Lidl’s biggest ever training initiative, the Store Management Development Initiative (SMDI), to over 700 people from across the business at a two day launch event in the Convention Centre. It was a project which I had worked on while on the graduate programme and despite only being fresh off the programme, I was still trusted with the responsibility to deliver such an important message.

After only 18 months into my Junior Project Manager role, I am now moving on to a more senior role of Training and Development Manager. The exposure and experience which I gained on the Graduate Programme has definitely lead to this promotion coming so soon in my career. Having spent time in store I fully understand how our operations work while working on large scale projects like SMDI has developed my project management and communication skills. There are very few graduates programme who succeed in having their graduates as well rounded and experienced in such a short time as Lidl do and for anyone who is looking to drive their career forward, Lidl is the place to do it!

Meet the Lidl team today at our Graduate Careers Fair!

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