Prepare for your tech interview with these top insider tips

3 top tips from one of Ireland’s leading tech employers, Workday

Understand what the company is looking for

Workday’s enterprise cloud applications for finance and HR are disrupting the global software industry. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rating, the highest of any major enterprise software provider.

Workday currently has the most openings for Software Development Engineers and our Development and Engineering teams use the latest technologies to drive the creation of our applications. What makes these teams unique is the constant collaboration. Engineers at Workday are able to explore new tools, share original ideas, and really make an impact on the product.

Though technical skills are invaluable to us, what makes Workday unique is that soft skills are just as important. We feel software development is like a team sport. We look for collaborators who are more focused on the “we” than the “me.”

To maintain our special culture, we look for people who are:

  • Strong communicators that are articulate, open, and honest
  • Collaborators who are generous with their time and thrive in a team-first culture.
  • Highly adaptable because Workday is an ever-changing, innovative environment

We also want those who share our passion with customer success and want to work hard while having fun at the same time.

Be yourself!

One of Workday’s core values is integrity, so be yourself and communicate openly and honestly and have the facts to back up what you’re saying. Take the time to learn about our products and stay on top of the latest company news and industry headlines so you can say something intelligent, that makes a lasting impression.

At Workday, the interview process is one that will vary by role, but in general you can expect to meet with a handful of current workmates for about 30 minutes each. We certainly will want to learn more about your field expertise and general knowledge that is relevant to the role, but we are also interested in hearing how you approach and solve problems. What real-life experiences can you share with us and how have you pushed yourself in the past, including internships, college or personal projects?

Your first role is an important step in defining your career

You should aim to find a role that taps into your passions and a company culture that suits your personality and personal goals. When you find meaning and enjoyment in your work, it often translates into increased productivity and innovation.

Make sure you ask questions during the interview – about the team, the work, the culture. When a candidate walks out from an interview, our hope is they have a good idea of what it would be like to work at Workday and if it’s the right place for them personally and professionally.

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