How an apprenticeship can help you close the tech skills gap

Two technology apprenticeships (NFQ Level 6) started 2018, the most recent addition to the growing roster of professional apprenticeships, as devised by SOLAS and the Apprenticeship Council, with the support of industry and FIT Ltd (Fast Track into Information Technology), are helping students to close the skills gap in the tech sector.

The ICT Associate Professional Software Developer and ICT Associate Professional Network Engineer apprenticeships are two-year programmes supported by National Education & Training Boards and Accenture, one of the major players in this sector. They are open to anyone of Leaving Cert level or equivalent and are oriented towards a very practical method of developing tech skills, based on both college learning at Education & Training Boards and on the job modules in companies like Accenture, culminating in the award of an ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship Award . All of the training costs associated with this programme are state-funded through the National Training Fund and FIT manages the running of the programme and the input from employers.

According to FIT, current vacancies in the tech sector run into the thousands, and they believe that up to 75% of these roles can be addressed through schemes such as these apprenticeships. “The new Tech Apprenticeships will benefit both indigenous companies and multi-nationals in this constantly growing sector, and most importantly will benefit those wishing to pursue a fulfilling career in this sector,” said Peter Davitt, CEO of FIT.

Accenture Ireland, the core industry partners for the new programme, said that the programme would allow trainees to earn while they learn and develop important skills for this constantly changing sector. “This programme will increased the diversity of experience in our talent pool and will help us to shape the workforce we need to help clients succeed. Already, participants from the pilot phase of this programme have been hired as Accenture employees at the end of their journey,” said Hilary O’Meara, Managing Director of Accenture Ireland.

Further information is available from FIT here and general information from SOLAS on their range of internships is available here.

More information from gradireland and apprenticeships can be found here

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