gradireland National Student Challenge 2018….the contest heats up

The gradireland 2018 National Student Challenge, sponsored by Lidl, is entering the final straits at Chartered Accountants House in Dublin, with the winner due to be announced shortly after 5pm, landing the top prize of €1,000.

This afternoon’s challenges see our six teams continue to be put through their paces in challenges testing their teamwork, technical, communication and problem solving skills. All the challenges are designed to test the candidates for the skills that employers are looking for. This year’s employer partners are Lidl, gradpublicjobs, Glanbia, PwC, EY and AbbVie. The challenges are devised by Orangeworks, market leaders in team building and creative events. Artur Burkalo, Senior Events Manager with Orangeworks, says that working with gradireland on the NSC has “been a great experience for the company in terms of understanding more in terms of what some of Ireland’s top employers are looking for and how we can continue to develop our portfolio of events. The challenge has been fun for us and we look forward to the next one already!”

EY Challenge
Using communication and teamwork to guide the steel ball through the maze as part of EY’s challenge.



Constructing a domino run as part of the gradpublicjobs challenge.
Guiding the hoverhub through the maze as part of the PwC Challenge.
NSC AbbVie
Siobhan and Rekha from AbbVie with their ‘hazmat disposal unit.’
NSC glanbia
The students getting their brief ahead of Glanbia’s ‘production line’ challenge.



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