The gradireland podcast – interview and employability skills

In the third episode of the gradireland podcast, we spoke to Sinéad English, the founder of Hilt, and Tara Walsh, Learning and Development Manager at David Meade, about how to improve your interview and employability skills.

Sinéad, who is a careers consultant, spoke to students and graduates at the gradireland Summer Fair this year about how to ace an interview.

Speaking after the seminar, Sinéad highlighted how crucial confidence can be when walking into an interview. “When they’re walking into the interview, what they want to do is give the impression of being really relaxed and confident.”

In order to do this, Sinéad emphasized on preparing adequately and to take the lead. She recommends asking how many interviewers there will be before the day of the interview. This will ensure you’re not caught off guard. She also advises interviewees to initiate the hand shake and not wait to be asked to sit.

Tara Walsh who is a Learning and Development Manager, spoke at her summer fair seminar about the power of the ‘jedi mindset’ in making you more employable.  According to Tara, the ‘jedi mindset’ is the ability to embrace challenges and accept failure.

She also encouraged people to learn from their mistakes and to stop saying ‘no’ to new opportunities.

If you are interested in hearing more graduate careers advice, you can find all of our podcasts and subscribe by clicking here.

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