The gradireland podcast – the Lidl graduate programme

In the fifth episode of the gradireland podcast, we spoke to Evanna McGrath, Lidl’s Graduate Programme Manager, about what graduates can gain from the Lidl graduate programme.

Speaking to us at the gradireland Summer Fair this year, she discussed what graduates will learn during the 18-month programme. According to Evanna, the programme is “quite fast paced and you get to see all the different areas of the business.

She also emphasizes that graduates need to know the business from “ground level” and so that’s where they start. Graduates start off working as a Customer Assistant, then a Store Manager and then an Area Manager before rotating through their chosen department.

“It’s really important that they see the stores, but also see it from the eyes of their department”, Evanna said, “because when they go back to their chosen department, whether it’s accounting or marketing, they’ll be able to see it from that perspective and know when their projects are rolled out, the impact it’s going to have and how beneficial it’s going to be.”

For those looking to apply for a graduate programme, she advises keeping an eye on the company’s social media so that you can ask interesting questions during the interview stage that will stand out to employers.

If you are interested in hearing more graduate careers advice, you can find all of our podcasts and subscribe by clicking here.


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