Have you any questions for us? How to close an interview professionally

So you’ve just spent the last 45 minutes being grilled about your qualifications and your work experience and you may think the interview is coming to an end, but there’s one final obstacle ahead. If this is your very first interview, you’re about to be hit with something you may not expect. The dreaded ‘have you got any questions for us?’

Those of you who have done more than one interview might be surprised to find out that some students and graduates aren’t expecting it, but almost every interviewer asks it, and it’s just to gauge how much you’ve familiarised yourself with the position and how genuinely interested you are in the company.

So what questions could you have in your locker if you’re confronted by this situation at an interview?

  1.    Is there anything that you would like me to expand upon?

No matter how long you’ve been talking to your interviewer for, and how much you’ve talked yourself up, you’ll inevitably feel like you’ve left things out or perhaps not displayed something in the best possible light. A job interviews is a difficult thing to prepare for, every one is different. So this is a good question to be prepared for due to a number of reasons. The first of which is that it brings the interview back to you and your skills, and gives you a chance to reinforce what it is you think makes you stand out from the crowd. It will also prompt the interviewer to think back through all of the evidence that you’ve told them. Essentially reminding themselves of all of the important stuff so that it doesn’t slip their mind. So make sure that you’ve actually told them, and reminded them, of the core skills and employability experience that you want them to remember. It also serves as a bit of reassurance for yourself. If they say yes and ask you to expand on something, you get the chance to fill in any gaps you may have left.

2: Are there opportunities for further training?

Asking this question can be a little bit tricky depending on the scale of the company and the position you are applying for. All companies are interested in employees who want to develop their skills and competencies and most of the time there will be various workshops and courses available to you in a large- well-established business. By asking this question, you are making it clear that you not only are you interested in the job itself, but that you’re also interested in bettering yourself for the overall benefit of the company. But also, remember that a new job is challenging and while hard work and application is key, you also do need some time for yourself and your interests, work/life balance is something you have to consider. You should never go into an interview without a huge amount of preparation beforehand. Familiarising yourself with potential questions you could be asked is all well and good, but the questions you ask the interviewer remain a key part of the process and are something that you should always prepare for.

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