Employers still hiring despite COVID-19 uncertainty

You will have no doubt read about uncertainty in the job market and the thousands of jobs being lost. There are a lot of comparisons to the financial crash of 2008 but unlike that time, there is a huge demand remaining for roles in certain industries ranging from technology to retail, logistics, engineering and science, to name just a few.

Below we have highlighted specific roles in various sectors but you can also browse more jobs in each sector by clocking the appropriate link.

Roles in Technology

Given the increase in people working from home, a huge demand is being placed on VPN’s and the capabilities of many company’s tech networks. IT support is always needed but now more than ever there is a need for technology professionals to fill a variety of roles across a number of businesses.

Roles in Retail

Retail workers are on the frontline in helping the country to deal with the ongoing pandemic. With greater demands being placed on retailers up and down the country there is a need to bolster staff to help deal with the increased demand in their products and to provide those staff with the right management and leadership. There has never been a time where retail workers have been as vital to a national effort.

Roles in Logistics

Despite many people working from home and certain jobs going on hold, products need to keep being delivered, whether it is a computer part from Amazon or vital ingredients from a retailer. Courier companies need to keep moving and with more people than ever using online shopping given the restrictions on movement, a career in logistics has never been more important. A job in logistics is not just about being a driver and you can read more about the types of careers in logistics here.

Roles in Engineering

Engineers are working harder than ever before to help come up with new devices to help the HSE and other health services throughout the world. Engineering has always played a huge role in the dynamic and constantly evolving world in which we all live but the role engineers are currently playing in helping to fight the virus is unprecedented and engineers are needed now more than ever.

Roles in Finance

Despite economic uncertainty money still needs to change hands and transactions need to be processed. The financial world is evolving with contactless payments and using your phone to pay for products and services now the norm with most companies not accepting cash as a payment due to health concerns. Now is an exciting time to join the evolving world of finance.

Roles in Science

Scientists throughout the world are working against the clock to come up with a vaccine for COVID-19. However, becoming a scientist doesn’t just mean you will be working in a lab. With increased demand for scientists in the area of epidemiology, more scientists are needed to fill positions in other areas in the scientific community.

Roles in the Not-for-profit sector

More and more Irish people are signing up to help and donating to various charities nationwide. Charities now need as many people to help as possible. If giving back is something which drives you then a career in the not-for-profit sector could be ideal.

Roles in Law

Despite most areas in life coming to a halt, laws remain in place and have to be created, debated, enforced and adhered to. Many professionals in law are still operating including solicitors, barristers, judges and more. This all means that you can still begin your graduate career in law today.

Roles in Healthcare

The world of healthcare has never been under more stress and the people working in healthcare need all the help and support they can get including more hands-on deck. Whether that be a career as a doctor, nurse or carer, if you have a qualification relating to the healthcare sector then now is the time to begin your journey.

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