gradireland Career Discovery week: A virtual world of opportunity

We all know the changes that have taken place in the world and the uncertainty that now exists. However, one thing remains a constant – talented students and graduates will always be in demand and pipelines will always need to be generated. At gradireland we have been working hard, in close partnership with careers services and employers, to continue to provide solutions and opportunities to engage with students and graduates to provide them with the information they need to make informed career decisions and to understand the opportunities available to them. 

With this in mind, we have recently announced the launch of our gradireland Career Discovery week, a week-long online fair, which will bring graduates, students, postgrad providers and employers together in a dedicated virtual environment. The event will also feature a host of great gradireland content, with exclusive articles, blogs, podcasts, videos and a series of great live webinars and Q&A sessions throughout the week.  

So, what can you expect from gradireland Career Discovery week? 

It’s open, accessible and innovative 

Through the Career Discovery week virtual platform, employers can showcase their opportunities, interact in real-time with attendees and kickstart the recruitment process at a time that suits both parties. Employers can avail of video chat, interviews, live CV reviews, seminar sessions, panel discussions and Q&As, all delivered through our dedicated virtual fair platform. 

It’s employerfriendly 

Create your branded Employer Hub where attendees can find out more about your organisation. They can also interact with you or your colleagues and engage in conversation either in real-time or via a follow-up chat. Your team don’t need to be in the fair at all times, students can leave a ‘virtual card’ at your booth enabling you to view their profile and follow up with them when you return. A student can also proactively invite you or a member of your team to a 1:1 meeting and you will receive a notification. Your company will have unlimited staff access to your Employer Hub and can upload digital information, brochures or videos.   

Approach: you and your team can proactively search through all registered students and graduates, view their profiles when you find a best-fit candidate you can invite them to a meeting or recommend that they apply for one of your open positions.  

It can be more comfortable for attendees 

While our regular careers fairs offer great personal interaction for students, it is possible in scenarios like this, for a talented student to feel nervous or self-conscious about approaching employers and asking the questions that matter to them. With this in mind, we are utilising ‘in booth’ virtual meetings, using either video, audio or messenger chat, which are all integrated into the platform, providing a flexible range of communications solutions for both employers and attendees.  

Any other reason you should get involved? 

Career Discovery week is a unique event, with a myriad of opportunities for employers to engage with students and graduates! 

As with all gradireland events, your brand will feature on our event website and in our extensive marketing campaign in the run-up to the event. Throughout the week, we will be hosting live seminars, panel discussions and Q&A sessions and releasing pre-recorded interviews, podcasts and much more… For all employers who book into the event, we are offering the chance for you to get involved in one of our content pieces, an article or interview, panel discussion, webinar or podcast.  

Get in touch now to secure your place or if you’ve any questions or queries just let us know at 01-645 1500 or 

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