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Career Discovery week insights: The Lidl graduate programme through the eyes of a graduate – Part 3

It’s vital to hear about a graduate programme from the decision makers and those who run the programme, but it’s also important to hear from those who have experienced it first-hand, the graduates themselves.

In a three-part series of blogs, we will look at the Lidl graduate programme through the eyes of the graduates who have completed the programme and have been offered positions upon completion.

In fact, to date 100% of graduates on the 2018/2019 Lidl graduate programme have been offered a role in project manager positions.

In this blog we will hear from Lee Jordan about his graduate journey through the Sales stream of the Lidl graduate programme.



Lee Jordan

Third level institution:

Dublin City University


Business Studies

When did you join the Lidl graduate programme?

September 2018

Current role:

Sales Project Manager- People and Procedures


How did you hear about the Lidl graduate programme?

“Throughout my time in college I had heard great things about the Lidl graduate programme through friends.”

Why did you decide to apply for this programme?

“I attended a careers fair in DCU early in my final year and spoke to a previous Lidl Graduate at the stand. She talked me through the structure of the programme and seemed really happy in her current role since leaving the programme. We talked about the great opportunities and experiences she was exposed to during her 18 months. When I looked into the programme more myself, I really liked the fact that during the programme you would be exposed to all aspects of the business and have the chance to work on projects that would have a real impact in the stores.”

What sort of work is involved at the very start of the programme?

“When I started the programme, I initially spent 4 months in store learning everything from how we pack out deliveries, to how to order stock and how to plan different shifts. I then spent 2 months shadowing two Area Managers seeing how they managed a number of stores across their district. I then spent 4 months in our Head Office where I worked on a number of exciting projects that had a real impact on every one of our 200 stores. I was then back in store for 3 months as a Store Lead where I will built upon all my experiences, took on additional responsibility and had greater control in the store whilst I also continued to work on a project.”

What advice would you have for current and upcoming graduates?

My advice to any prospective graduate would be, you need to show that you’re confident, be able to take on new challenges and learn on the job. Lidl looks for people with great interpersonal skills that are willing to learn and don’t shy away from responsibilities.”

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