10 FAQ’s about gradireland Live, answered!

We’ve put together the most commonly asked questions about gradireland Live and answered them right here for you. 

By now we hope you’ve heard about our upcoming virtual careers event, gradireland Live, which will take place on 11 March, and why it is a must-attend event if you’re a student or graduate. So let’s find out what it’s all about! 

1. Where can I register for gradireland Live? 

You can register for gradireland Live at live.gradireland.com. The week before the event, you will receive an event URL via email. Click on this URL to create your event profile. You can then log in to the event using your email/username.  

TIP: Be sure to log in using Chrome or Firefox browsers, these provide the best user experience. 

2. Do I need to set up a profile? 

Yes, you do need to set up a profile before attending. If your profile is complete, you are more likely to be contacted by employers with suitable opportunities and have your requests for meetings accepted.  

TIP: You can set up your profile by logging into your account and filling in all your relevant details such as education, work experience, etc. 

3. What is a one-on-one meeting, and how do I book them? 

A one-to-one meeting is a live video call with you and an employer or postgrad provider. They typically last about 15 minutes, depending on your time slot. In this conversation, you can learn more about possible internships or graduate opportunities available and get the answers to any questions you have.  

TIP: To book a one-to-one meeting, you must log in to your event profile, select the exhibitor tab, and search for the exhibitor you would like to meet. Once you have found an exhibitor(s), you must choose an available time slot at their boot. We advise that you book one-to-one meetings in advance as time slots are limited.  

4. If there are no available time slots with the exhibitor I’m interested in, what should I do? 

If you don’t see any available time slots for your chosen exhibitor, it may mean they are booked out. But don’t worry, there are still many ways you can interact with the exhibitor. You can send them a message through the chat function, leave your details at their booth, ask them questions at a seminar, or meet them at a table in the discovery lounge. 

TIP: Be open-minded. It is also worth booking one-to-one meetings with other exhibitors that you had not thought of before. Go through the exhibitor list on live.gradireland.com or login to the event platform to view the exhibitor’s details. You may be surprised to find that many exhibitors are offering excellent opportunities that may suit you, and that you had not considered before. 

5. Do I need to have my webcam on? 

Having your webcam on is optional, as you can also communicate with exhibitors through audio or the chat function. We do advise that you turn your webcam on for one-to-one meetings, as it expresses confidence and shows the employer that you are comfortable talking in person. 

We recommend that you try looking directly into the camera when you are speaking on video. It gives the impression that you are looking at the person and will improve the overall engagement. Also, have your questions and the all-important ‘elevator’ pitch ready in advance! It will make you look prepared and well-researched- two qualities that are sure to impress. 

6. What questions should I ask? 

There are many questions that you can ask an exhibitor. If it is an employer, think about what you want to know more about. Maybe it’s their own experience working with the company, their graduate programmes, the positions available, or what makes a successful applicant? If it’s a postgrad provider, you could ask them about the courses available, the modules in that course, how to put together a good application, and how many places are available. 

Whichever it may be, employer or postgrad provider, you should do your research before speaking with them. Look at their website, recent news articles, press releases, their profile on gradireland.com, LinkedIn, and any other relevant information. This may help you generate more questions and demonstrate that you have done your homework! 

7. Do I need to dress professionally when attending the event? 

Yes, absolutely! You should dress as you would for an interview. Even if you don’t have a one-to-one meeting scheduled, be prepared. You never know, an exhibitor might unexpectedly request a one-to-one meeting with you! 

8. How do I book into the CV Clinics? 

Like one-to-one exhibitor meetings, you can pre-book into the CV Clinic in advance. To do this, you will need to log in to your event profile, select the CV Clinic tab and pick from the available time slots. 

9. What types of questions should I ask during seminar Q&A sessions? 

Virtual seminars at gradireland Live are a great opportunity for you to learn about employers or specific industries. Make sure you read the seminar descriptions before attending and the speakers’ bios. This will help you come up with relevant questions. Also, during the seminar’s jot down notes and any areas that you would like the exhibitor to elaborate on. Then you can ask these at the live Q&A section of the seminar.  

10. How do I share my CV with employers? 

You can upload your CV in the chat function and send it directly to an employer. This way, the employer can download the CV and view it and get back to you if you’re a good fit for a meeting. You can also upload your CV to your event profile. With your CV uploaded to your event profile, employers can view it without you having to share it. 

We hope this has answered some of your questions about virtual careers fairs. If you have any more questions or queries, just get in touch at contact@gradireland.com. Now, why you don’t head on over to our events page to register for gradireland Live and experience a virtual event for yourself. See you on March 11! 

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