#Podcast 10: Living from the ‘inside out’ with Leisha McGrath

gradireland Editor Ruairi Kavanagh talks to organisational psychologist Leisha McGrath about the importance of recognising burnout and how to deal with it. Leisha also stresses the importance of trying to live from the ‘inside out’ rather than the ‘outside in’ and relates her own experience of what can happen when burnout manifests itself in a very serious way.

Leisha McGrath  BA, MSc, AFBPsS, AFPsSI, C. Psychol. PSI., CPsychol, MAC

Leisha is a Chartered Work & Organisational Psychologist and experienced Coach with more than twenty years commercial experience, working with organisations and the people in them. Her approach is to partner with her clients, to co-create practical and workable solutions that empower them towards their version of success, now and into the future. Leisha’s passions include Leadership development, Psychometric testing, supporting women at work, and well-being for all. Her approach is personal, tailored and fun. She believes in supporting her clients to tap into their inner authentic voice, for transformational results, no matter the context, and she believes that living from the “inside out”, rather than the “outside in”, is the recipe for happiness! Leisha has a reputation for deep listening, and prides herself on supporting the delivery of exceptional results within complex, diverse and varying organisational and personal landscapes.

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