‘The support I receive makes work enjoyable and rewarding ’-My career with PwC

Sean Finn, Risk Assurance Graduate, PwC

Sean Finn is a graduate working in PwC’s Risk Assurance department in their Limerick office. He tells us about the importance of being able to balance work and other commitments, and why being organised and having support makes the difference.  

What’s your current role and what did you study? 

I am currently working in the Risk Assurance with PwC in Limerick. It is a busy and very varied role, primarily I am working with technology clients, performing audits, and working closely with both the client and PwC’s financial audit team. I really enjoy working with new people on the client side and enjoying the support and advice of my PwC colleagues. My background in college really helped set me up for this job, I graduated as a Bachelor of Business studies, majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. 

What are some of the challenges that the job presents? 

One of the most challenging aspects of the job is learning how to balance the different commitments that life presents. Along with a busy job, I am also undertaking professional exams, so a lot of study is needed. I am also an avid GAA player, so training is very much part of my life and what makes me tick as a person. PwC provide excellent exam support which gives me every opportunity to succeed in this significant challenge. They also are very understanding and encouraging of employees interests outside of work. The ongoing support I receive both in terms of my studies and GAA makes my work life really enjoyable and makes me even more committed to doing my very best to succeed.  

What are some of the things you have learned so far? 

One of the biggest challenges, as I have already mentioned, is balancing the different commitments of life with a busy role. But it’s a job that I really enjoy doing so I’m happy to make the sacrifices. It’s also very important to have good people skills in this role, and work as part of team, both internally and externally. That’s something I really enjoy being a part of and working in teams as part of varied assignments. I realise that this is a great opportunity for me to develop both my communication skills and demonstrate my leadership potential. 

What advice would you have for students or graduates seeking to work in this sector? 

Always listen to others who have gone before you, there’s always some advice or learning in listening to the experience of others. On a general level, the advice I would give to students or graduates is to be passionate and really try and take ownership of your professional career development. Don’t just wait for things to happen, go and try and make them happen. The sector in which I work is interesting, dynamic and is always evolving. I would encourage all students and graduates to have pride and belief in their skills and what they have learned. But learning never stops, you learn every day in this job. Be honest, be open and take on board all the opportunities that you can. I’m fortunate that PwC is one of the best places to do this, it is such a rewarding environment in which to work.   

This blog is sponsored by PwC. Find our more about graduate careers with PwC by visiting their gradireland employer hub here.

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