gradireland is a partnership between GTI Ireland and the Association of Higher Education Careers Services. We produce the official graduate careers products for Ireland, north and south.
GTI Ireland is a division of GTI Media, the leading graduate careers publisher in Europe. The Association of Higher Education Careers Services is the professional association for careers advisory and placement professionals in higher education in Ireland, north and south.
Find out more at gradireland.com.

Our guest post policy

We are happy to consider guest posts that meet the following criteria:

  • the post is of interest to our core audience (student and graduate job seekers, university careers advisers and graduate recruiters in Ireland and Northern Ireland)
  • the author is actively involved in graduate recruitment or graduate careers advice
  • the subject matter is relevant to graduate recruitment/careers advice
  • the post is unique content (not published elsewhere).

Please email us at contact@gradireland.com for further details if you would like to contribute.

4 Comments on “About”

  1. Jenna Smith says:


    Do you accept any guest posts on your site? Any info would be very helpful, thanks.


  2. Hi,

    I would also be interested in guest posting on your site, can I also please get hold of your email address? Would be muchly appreciated.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  3. gradireland says:

    Hi Yasmin, I’ve just added some information about our guest post policy so I hope that will help.

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