Are you career clueless? #FYI Careers Showcase is here to help

It’s less than two weeks away from gradreland’s brand new event, the #FYI Careers Showcase which is taking place in the RDS Simmonscourt on Tuesday 12th April from 12pm.

This unique and innovative event is designed to enable students to understand their career options, in order to help them make better informed careers decisions. If you are curious about all the different career paths that are available, this is the event for you!

So what should you expect at this ground breaking event? The event itself will be highly innovative, with video booths, live demonstrations of key employability skills and one-to-one advice for all the students who attend! If you have any questions about specific jobs, what they mean and what you will do all day, pop along to this event and ask graduates these burning questions; people who were in your situation just a few years ago and are now working with Ireland Ireland’s leading national and multinational companies.

The #FYI Careers Showcase is designed for first and second year students, to give them the opportunity to discover the abundance of opportunities available in a whole range of different sectors.  But of course, anyone who is feeling career clueless is welcome – especially if penultimate and final year students are feeling overwhelmed about career choices or potential career pathways. This event gives students the opportunity to find the answer to all of these questions in a relaxed and informal setting.

This event is completely free for students to attend and you can register here. Find out more about the #FYI Careers Showcase on our website or watch the official event video here.


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