Why should you attend gradireland Live?

Maybe you got an email from us or got told by a friend to get a ticket… either way you’ve registered for gradireland Live, but perhaps aren’t sure what it is and what you’ve signed up for.

Rest easy, we’re here to explain what’s happening on the day and how to make the most of it!

The day itself is all about taking time for yourself to invest in your future, for free!

Meet top employers looking to recruit people like YOU plus postgrad providers from Ireland and abroad!

gradireland Live is all about meeting the graduate recruiters from the companies you want to work for and getting the inside track on their internships and graduate programmes.

Yes, we live in a digital world and information is constantly accessible through our phones and laptops, but face-to-face conversation and interaction shouldn’t be undervalued.

Having a chat with a recruiter from one of the employers attending on the day can give you a real insight into the company’s culture, values and opportunities.  You may even find an employer you had never considered has the type of graduate opportunities you are looking for…. So, keep an open mind and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Plus, if you are thinking of doing a masters we will have a range of postgrad providers from Ireland and abroad ready to chat to you about their course offerings.

You can see the full list of exhibitors here….

Attend one of our gradireland Talks and workshops!

Direction and inspiration… yes they sound like buzz words especially in January when everywhere you turn there seems to be another ad or feature on becoming the best version of yourself.

But, the seminars and workshops this year have been specially curated to help build your confidence and motivate you to achieve your career goals. Talks and workshops on the day include:

  • Create your future – expert advice on navigating your career path
  • How to hack networking
  • 5 strategies to be a career high achiever
  • Highlighting your ability and not your experience
  • What makes a good CV?
  • How to strengthen the soft skills that employers want
  • Working with transferable skills
  • Interviews: The how to guide

Stop by our CV Clinic and Rolling CV Seminar Room

You’ve met the employers, been inspired by our talks now all that’s left is to perfect your CV and cover letter!

As with all of our gradireland events we will be running a specialist CV clinic, hosted by careers advisors from various Universities and IoT’s. These advisors will be able to review your CV and provide expert advice so that you can successfully show off all your experience and skills.

Our CV clinics are always in high demand so arrive early to secure your spot. There will also be a rolling CV seminar room covering all CV related topics throughout the day.

Other gradireland Live tips….

  • Set a calendar reminder; the last thing you want to do after registering is to miss the day itself so pop a calendar reminder into your phone now for 6 February 2020
  • Research exhibitors; whether you are looking to do an internship, graduate programme or a masters take a look at our exhibitor list and research the employers and postgrad providers you’re interested in. We have a wide range of employer and postgrad profiles on www.gradireland.com to help you in your research.
  • Plan your journey; check out the RDS website here to plan your journey
  • Tell your friends; no one likes to be left out so tell your friends who are on the hunt for a job or internship about the event. They can register for free at live.gradireland.com

4 thoughts on “Why should you attend gradireland Live?

    1. You’ll get help to get your application ready for any organisation at our Cv clinic and our seminars and talks have advice relevant to almost any company or career path. Hope to see you tomorrow Brendan!

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