The gradireland podcast – graduate careers in PR

In the fourth episode of The gradireland podcast, we spoke to the Chief Executive of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Dr. Martina Byrne, about PR in the digital media landscape and how to kickstart your career in PR.

Martina discussed how digital media has become another “tool” for PR professionals to utilise in the right circumstances.

“It’s absolutely ideal for certain circumstances and reaching certain audiences. In other cases, it’s not at all ideal,” according to Martina. “So really, it’s a question of having the expertise as a PR professional to know what’s the right tool to select to solve whatever problem you’re working on with your client.”

She also highlighted the growing importance of having a professional qualification in PR.

“Understand that there is an increasing professionalism in our field. So you are going to need to get a qualification.Nowadays employers do expect people coming in to be able to demonstrate the skills of writing, but they are also looking for the educational credentials.”

And while you may be required to work long hours, Martina insists that it’s worth it.

“We work long hours. We work fast and hard, but on the other hand we get to meet and experience a wide range of people and situations, and it is absolutely never boring.”

If you are interested in hearing more graduate careers advice, you can find all of our podcasts and subscribe by clicking here.

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